30 Questions to Bring You Closer to Your Wild Heart 2

By Jeanette Leblanc

You have a story. A burning story.

It lives in your fingertips. In your kiss. In the spaces where no words will ever be quite enough. It shivers just beneath your skin. It travels electric from the earth up your spine and spins out into the heavens.
A cyclone of all that is and all that will be.

It’s been with you for quite a while.

You hear it when you sleep. It rises unbidden in fevered dreams. Like wind howling through trees, like trains in the distance. Like want and fear and running far, far away. Like children laughing and way everything feels when the freedom comes.

It sounds like breaking. Like coming undone. Like rising from ashes. Like nothing we’ve ever heard before.

It feels like wide open sky and coming home and the way the ocean returns again and again to shore.

And it is a wise story. A necessary story…..

Are you ready to tell it? Join us beginning January 9th for the brand new 30 Questions To Bring You Closer To Your Wild Heart workshop. 30 days, just 30 dollars, and 30 brand new prompts and reflections on writing, life and the path back to your wild heart.


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Courtney Quinlan
I am the Camilla to Dawn’s Gonzo. Just a quirky chicken in love with the strange and bizarre. I’ve always had a wild imagination and love being extra (if not overly) descriptive with my words. I love the art of writing, how you can fit words together like a puzzle and rearrange and explore new ways of expression. I’m a poetry and prose girl at heart, although I like to dip my toes into other areas and have a short list of books I intend to get to work on at some point rattling around in this brain. I’m a fiery single mama to a quirky boy with autism who has the most interesting perspectives on life. I’m a fierce advocate for the underdogs in whatever shape or form they may be. I love getting lost in the woods, communing with nature. I’m fairly unfiltered and if you ask me a question, you’ll get a heartfelt and honest answer. I don’t believe in hiding behind my truths. I’m not an extremely graceful person and can often be found tripping over my own feet or wandering aimlessly around the house searching for my keys. I am not above embarrassing myself and often find my own humor hilarious even when others don’t!
Courtney Quinlan

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