We are the wild heart writers

We are the light bearers.
We are restless. We are fueled by desire and sustained by our art.
We know what it is that haunts us, moves us, lights our desire, makes us bleed, won’t let us sleep. And we are always on the hunt for it.


We are the wild at heart.
And only we have the courage to stitch together the darkness and the light. With words forged of desire and crafted by moonlight, we hold the world together.
We want therefore we are. We ache for freedom. Our hearts swell in their cages. And we write to find release. To let loose the butterflies of voice.
Our hearts crave beauty, and are easily filled with it. And so words spill over their rim.
We have searched for a place of our own. Where our voices will be heard. Where our art is viewed as holy. Where our hearts belong.

This is our home.

We are consumed with wanderlust. We have no choice but to trust the muse. And so we follow her, wherever she leads.
We will not waste this wild and precious life. We have no time for the old world. We tore it down a long time ago. And we build the new one everyday. One word at a time.
In this new world there is no worn path. No permission slips. No hall passes. No instruction manual. We must write our way through.
If you have found us, this is your home, too.

We are the wild at heart.

Full Text by Thomas Lloyd Qualls

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