Creative Tsunamis

 By Shannon Crossman

Time does not work the way

you think it does,

numbered soldiers marching placidly

round the face of your

grumpy old clock generals.

You assume forward moving lines,

an ordered, organizing force with a

rational chain of command

against which you must

marshal all your resources

to fight.

And then plead lack of hours

and battle weary fatigue

as grounds for the

absence of imagination.

The Divine is calling

Bullshit on this game.

You’ve played it far too long.

You are a creative tsunami.

I am a creative tsunami.

We cannot help it,

drunk as we are off this holy brew.

Attempts to dam the tide

awaken the Sisters of Separation:

depression, rage, apathy, addiction.

Your Beloved grows weary of

watching such

violent acts of self-immolation.

Time does not work the way you

think it does. Time is wild ponies,

frothing, colossal waves, and

twisting, untamed funnels

speeding across a plain.


Put away your notion of clocks as

you did your childhood toys.

Abandon your tick tock world

of too well-rounded hours.

Soak yourself in passion and

watch clock time implode

like a great, dying star.

Remember, the trick of all Great Creators is this:

They know the truth about time and are not afraid to wield it…

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Shannon Crossman

Shannon Crossman

Shannon learned the hard way that untapped creative energy casts a helluva shadow, so she crafts her sanity with her hands daily. Nothing excites (or frustrates) her more than a blank page, fresh ball of yarn, or pile of foodstuffs - all waiting to be transformed into bits of deliciousness. Words are, and have always been, her way back home. She is a writer, artist, technical wizard, public speaker, witch, priestess, gluten free baker, time-bender, and COO who happens to possess a degree in Transpersonal & Somatic Psychology. She's a mama and grandma to a gaggle of wild girls who make her heart happy. When she's out in the business world she's figuring out how to make things faster, more efficient, and automating the hell out of sh*t. Shannon still believes in magic, craves the ocean like a land-locked mermaid, and dreams of a life without shoes.
Shannon Crossman

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