On This Day I Reflect: Truths of the World

By:Angela Felzmann

On this day I reflect

Because all of this

I want to unknow


Of our broken world

Of twisted behavior

Of laws that repeatedly fail


On a worldwide scale

Of allowing atrocity

And damage and death


Of suffering and war

Save Haiti, Save Syria

Save the immigrants dying


I know enough.

I know too much.

Yet, I know nothing.  I know nothing.  I know nothing.


On this day I reflect

My truth in this moment

Is fuck the world


On this day I reflect

Not only on me and of my pain

Not only on me and of my hurt

But that of the world


The International Day of the Girl.

Honoring Malala Yousafzai

Shot in the head for going to school


Honoring all the child brides

Subjected to abuse and rape

and a forced upon life


Honoring all the targets and innocents robbed

For the sale of sexual pleasure

and the trade of human trafficking


Honoring all those subjected to

And disfigured by

female genital mutilation


Honoring our brave journalist souls

Who disappear, are abducted and executed

So we can bear witness to the hidden secrets,

The awful truths of this world.


Fuck it all and no regrets

For the blatant, in your face anger

With nowhere to hide


Because today, this world

Infuriates me.  Confuses me.

Saddens me.


Wherever I may roam

As we drown in this bullshit

Gasping in shortness of breath

Day and night


Fuck you.  I won’t do what you tell me
Because you dare to speak out and rise up
Rise up against social ills and wrongs


You challenge political injustice

You speak against the system, the man

And strife that targets with so much uncertainty


Because Black Lives Matter

Like a time bomb,

Waiting to blow the whole damn place

To pieces


Because we all matter

Yet somehow, we have forgotten that.


And a little mayhem never hurt anyone

And I’m gonna get some.

Because this world is in a state of bedlam

Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it


A crazy, fucking, big, bad,

Awful mess

With the US spiraling into a pit of downfall

And utter despair


Because hate is incited

And supremacists have risen

With all their crosses to flame and bare

Someone take Trump down and out

Before he destroys us in this wreckage

That is violently feeding the world


What do you mean I’m not kind?

Just not your kind.

Where you reign and rule heavy


Firm.  And strong.

Politically outspoken


Peace sells but whose buying

With these holy wars


Killing for religion

Something I don’t understand


On this day, I feel defeated.


Battered to bits


And in this blight.

I am stupefied.


On this day I reflect.

Because all this I want to unknow.


Broken world.

Twisted behavior

Failed laws.

Damage.  Death.

Suffering.  War.

Hurt.  Pain.

We are willingly inflicting on each other.


I know enough.

I know too much.

I know nothing.  I know nothing.  I know nothing.

*Inspired by lyrics and music by Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Halestorm, Megadeth, and Disturbed Rock n roll ain’t noise pollution…thank you AC/DC*
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Angela Felzmann

Angela Felzmann

Just a bad ass brown girl trying to make her way in this world. Child protection worker and life in service to those who can use it by day, heavy metal rocker chick when free from social compliance. I will be authentic and true and genuine as any situation allows me to be. Honesty. Truth. Raw. Real. Things I strive to embrace daily, openly, or quietly if need be. And it's these constraints that lead me to give rise to my voice. That and the paths we discover along our way in life. A lover of creatures and beasts, settled in to a newly carved life with my boy, Tig. And we plug along. New to writing and expressing, I hope to continue to make a matter and a mark in this world.
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