A Wild And Fierce Manifesto For Those Who Are Reborn

By Erica Wheadon

This is the day when I back myself
when I give back to myself
when I bestow the compassion that I have been
seeking from others
on my own wanting flesh and aching bones.

Today I take down my high fences and
replace them with boundaries and I
survey the terrain of this heart of mine
and see that it is good.

The day I fit my own mask before I fit
the mask of others around me.
The day I draw a line in the sand and say
this is who I am, and I am
wild and fierce but I am

This is the day that I will go out on a limb and
expect the universe to meet me halfway,
acknowledging that what I put out is exactly what I get in return
and that if the devil turned up on my doorstep
it is because I summoned him there,
and that, yes, my addiction to self deprecation and atonement are
often the same thing
and that, yes, I may have followed him into
hell and done deals unholy,
but I walked back out again with my
head held high
and that carries both weight
and worth.

This is the day that I will pledge to write my way through
but not at the expense of my sanity and
whilst I will not contribute to the noise I will make a promise
to speak my truth, mindfully.

Today I bow before synchronicity and simplicity.
small moves and simpler words.

I surrender to possibility.
with the knowledge that our memories do not make us,
and that sometimes we cannot reconcile with the choices we’ve made,
but still I tear the pages out of my book, that are black and
heavy with ink and tear stains

and I offer unto myself my own redemption,
knowing that
I cannot save the devil,
but I can save

This is the day I raise a glass to all that has gone before
as I take my rightful place in a new world
and while the road may be long and fraught with danger,
every step I take is a choice.

I have a choice

and I am stronger than I give myself credit for.

I am alive
and my time starts



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Erica Wheadon
Erica Wheadon is a connection artist, writer & harmony leader. Residing on the east coast of Australia, Erica empowers women to be their brightest, most badass selves, as an unashamed enabler of wild creativity, a seeker of connection and chaser of fierce, passionate authenticity. She is a polycreative selenophile and serial playlist maker. Currently writing her first novel.Her work can be found at www.ericawheadon.com
Erica Wheadon

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