Finding the Light (A Journey of Emotion)

by Dawn Elizabeth
(A Journey of Emotion)

I have trouble
writing in imagery & metaphor.
I wield them like
a clunky hammer.
The attempts sounding forced
– to my ears at least.

My medium is emotion.
I wield sorrow
like a razor to the soul.
And I can make you feel
the despair of waiting
with all the emptiness
of a broken promise.

But hope & joy?

For me these emotions
are like the sun breaking
through clouds.
Like that perfect shade
of blue sky.
Like the moment
everything lines up
and clicks.

And each of these moments
contains whole histories.

But I’m trying these days.
To break through,
and seize the light.

And is it a choice you make,
or a journey you take?
As life or karma or fate
brings you to the place
where you realize
your focus was off.
Your perspective askew.

You clung to the wrong things.
You held too tight.

Because even in the darkness,
there are threads of light.

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Dawn Malone
My earliest influence was Gonzo. This explains a lot. So – I’ve always been kind of weird. But the kind of weird that worms its way into your heart. You should see my tree dance.I started writing at fourteen, as a way to deal with all the feelings I was feeling. I wrote prolifically and regular everyday up through my early twenties, and during that time I honed the skill of crafting evocative moments through word. As I’ve aged, I’ve started to work more consciously to documenting through poetry the good moments. But happiness creates writer’s block. Joy does not demand resolution. I break into song whenever. Hearing one word can set off a whole song inside my head. And when songs get stuck, I think the best cure is to listen to them on repeat until they’ve worked their way out. My husband loves this. I love creation. From growing plants (which, by the way, I am supremely terrible at. I kilt a spider plant once.) to knitting to baking to doing watercolors. I love the joy of starting with nothing and ending with a thing.
Dawn Malone

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