When Love Aches, But There’s No Need To Blame, And You Know How To Let Pain Pass

By Rachael Maddox


tender is sometimes

telling less


letting the steamy windows of


gradually clear back up


no explaining
no requiring
no demanding


simply resting in the truth

that everything eventually changes


and often,

the easiest way to let it

is to open the windows

and wait

// when love aches, but there’s no need to blame, and you know how to let pain pass
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Rachael Maddox
Rachael Maddox is a trauma resolution educator, coach and guide who dedicates her days to helping women who've experienced sexual trauma unshame and reclaim their pleasure, power and wholeness. She recently published her first book, SECRET BAD GIRL, where she tells the story of her own unshaming and reclaiming–of her wildness, her sensuality, her shadows and her light. Emerging now on a fierce mission to help as many women as possible who’ve experienced trauma, Rachael offers one-on-one support, courses, and a mastermind for women who are ready to dance hard with life. For fun, Rachael writes songs on her ukulele, swims naked as often as possible, and lays quietly under trees.