A Love Letter To The Standing Rock Water Protectors

By Kimberly Hunter

My healers…
Regarding the water protectors,
this deep grief we are feeling is what is needed. If you are in tears over what’s happening to our oyate in Standing Rock…
I implore you to keep feeling it, allow the tears to fall.

We are intricately woven and deeply connected to our Mother Earth.
Our tears and grief
are her tears and grief.
We know her because
we are her and she is us.

We hold the power here in this.
It is not the time to be strong in the sense of not crying or avoiding your feelings.
You do not have to wear a mask of false bravado.

Mother Earth is crying and feeling helpless.
She is at our Mercy.

She knows all her children’s lives are at stake with this pipeline. We know this too.
Feel it all.
We are processing planetary grief right now for the collective, and for mama earth.

If you have canupas, pull them out and pray.
If you don’t a canupa, make a sage wand and pray.
If you don’t have sage, light a candle and pray.
If you don’t have a candle, just pray.

Pray with the water; go to a body of water, or run a bath, immerse yourself in it, and say the prayers for the life blood of all of us. Or just pour a glass of water if you are unable to do the above.

Most important; Feel. Cry the sacred water of our bodies from your eyes.
Hold the Vision for the highest good to occur.

See this pipeline being obliterated.
See the money hungry corporations that destroy our planet being wiped from existence.

You are not alone.

If this message resonates, no matter what color or race or sex you are, you are part of this particular section of Mother Earth’s army, warriors, & protectors.

Know and embrace this.
Talk about it or
write about it.

If you don’t have anyone to talk about it with: message me.
I will always listen to you.

I’m Feeling it too.

Deep in the abyss with you.

I love you.

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Kimberly Hunter
I am a modern day Oracle, Seer, & Shaman. I spend my days guiding my 7 children with my Beloved, invoking my inner wild woman, and saving the world; one Heart at a time.I am currently reconvening with my soul tribe; the Wild Heart Writers group. Baring my heart with words, & rising in Love with them. I am also holding the delicate gossamer strands of my first memoir in my fingertips as I midwife this unfurling and diving into the abyss.I live my Truth in every moment; I am Remembering as I go. This occurs while exploring the fractals and chambers of my wild heart. Breaking to become. Shattering willingly. Embracing my darkness and remembering the light.I believe in the power of long hair flying, my shakti hip sway, black clothes all day every day, a pair of ridiculously large earrings, and juicy lip gloss.My passions are (in no particular order, simultaneously when possible) deep red wine at 5pm sharp, soul sex with my beloved, goddess baths, loving people exactly as they are, reveling in every sacred and mundane second of my days, sage and sweetgrass burning, channeling my Muse, running at warp speed towards our evolution, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, dancing whilst kitchen witching, rebirthing from the Phoenix Fire, worshipping and howling at the moon, my third eye to Grandmother Tree, hunting down bodies of water to sink into, (if that's not possible, i do my Oracle Dishes) thunderstorms and lightning, forehead to the ground, allowing the Medicine of our Mama Earth to guide me Home.
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