The Mystery of What Will Come (For Those Who Need Reminding)

By Jessamyn  Turgesen

in that barren space of broken hope
where tears come like unbridled waves of heat
and the ache that feels bigger than your body won’t leave
when you’re playing the film of “what could have been” on replay in your mind
and the grief wants to devour you whole
when the night brought with it one more unfinished page in the familiar story of not being chosen

in that desolate quiet that won’t let you sleep

get up

let your legs show you strength
walk to the reasons that won’t quit you
picture your heart broken and unchosen
imagine it cradled in your capable, human hands
pour some kind of reckless devotion over the seeking pieces

it is in this hour where the light of another beginning envelopes you
where life’s whispers of grace can kiss you, untamed
this is where you are discovered by a deep strength whose only purpose is to rise up and be known by your every breath
here, in this space
allow yourself to stand in quiet adoration over the telling beauty of tattered edges come undone

and decide
one more time (always one more time)
to be chosen

by the mystery of what will come
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Jessamyn Sara Turgesen
Jessamyn is a curious creature who explores the path to nowhere yet somehow consistently finds a way back home. She is equally stubborn and soft, grounded yet mid-flight and believes in how the fluidity of water transforms the certainty of stone. Her greatest aim is to be intimately true while juggling desire, need and responsibility in this one wild life. No-one makes her more true than her 3 forgiving children. The desert is her landing place, the written word is home. She is an explorer of life, of land and of expression. You can read more of her discoveries by visiting
Jessamyn Sara Turgesen

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