The Path That Leads You Home

By Katherine Repage

You go back to that place
That you swore you’d never go back to
A magnet clutched in your chest
Leading you back to being seen
In the dark recesses
Where you belong

It’s quiet there
Nobody to fill your space with noise
Just breathing and cracking bones
Tongues and teeth
Hands wishing to hold onto something so fleeting
The clarity of home
The release of passion

It is not for these reasons that you shouldn’t have come
But because you cannot leave
Limbs entangled by invisible roots
You got out once before
But this time
This time you don’t want to return
There is too much sky unseen
Too many pages to fill
And too much road to get lost on

To be here
Ensnared by the familiar
Can you go home again?

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Katherine is a writer, artist, yogini, witch, and spoonie. She currently lives in New York City spreading magic wherever she goes. See what she's up to at

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