We Are Still Here: Indigenous People of This Land

By Kimberly Hunter

It’s loud and it’s here.

Sacred Rage is running through my veins.

Listen up.

Much like the Truth,
You cannot bury us.
You cannot wish us away.
You cannot pretend we are not here.
We are the bloodstain on the hands of this country and it’s founders,
We are still here.

Our Ancestors fought hard to keep their land.
What’s happening currently in this country is why.

You have zero respect for Life and our Mother who sustains us; you didn’t then, and you clearly do not now.
You feel you can brazenly build a pipeline carrying oil across one of our main water sources of the Land without consequence.

You are greedy.
You are ignorant.
You are a coward.
You sir, are a fucker.

Our survival and continued existence depends upon this water source to sustain and nurture us.
Our Mother’s health and well being depends upon this water source to remain pristine and untouched.
The Warriors standing on the Frontline armed with their Truth, their Hearts, and their Prayers??
They are the true Modern Warriors of this Planet.

I will always stand with Unci Maka.
She is a living and breathing entity with a Soul.

There is an army of people who feel the same, supported by an Army of Ancestors behind us.

We hear her whispered plea in the wind, and feel her pain beneath our feet upon the surface of her back.

Mni Wiconi.
Water is Life.
You tried to annihilate us.
You cannot.

America’s Dirty Laundry.
The Skeletons in your Closet.
Well, we are falling out of the proverbial closet in droves.

You twist the Truth of America’s Birth to appease the Ancient guilt and shame buried deep in the Shadowlands and Underworld of this country.

A children’s story weaved around a Turkey Dinner, adorned with a Mask of Entitlement.

No mention of the bloodshed and massacre of our people to get your lustful hands on our supposed riches.
No mention of the women, children, and elders murdered as they ran screaming for their lives.
No mention of masses of dead bodies piled upon each other, thrown away like trash.

And no mention of the children of their grandchildren, still struggling to overcome the attempted annihilation of their entire race every single day.

We are still here.
We are rising up.

Armed with the Truth of our Ancestors Blood running through our veins and living in our Bones.

We will never surrender.
We will never back down.

We are the Truth of this Country.
And the true Guardians of the Earth.


#sacredprotectors #NODAPL #notnownotever

https://nodaplsolidarity.org/ (learn more about how you can join the movement to protect Indigenous lands)

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Kimberly Hunter
I am a modern day Oracle, Seer, & Shaman. I spend my days guiding my 7 children with my Beloved, invoking my inner wild woman, and saving the world; one Heart at a time.I am currently reconvening with my soul tribe; the Wild Heart Writers group. Baring my heart with words, & rising in Love with them. I am also holding the delicate gossamer strands of my first memoir in my fingertips as I midwife this unfurling and diving into the abyss.I live my Truth in every moment; I am Remembering as I go. This occurs while exploring the fractals and chambers of my wild heart. Breaking to become. Shattering willingly. Embracing my darkness and remembering the light.I believe in the power of long hair flying, my shakti hip sway, black clothes all day every day, a pair of ridiculously large earrings, and juicy lip gloss.My passions are (in no particular order, simultaneously when possible) deep red wine at 5pm sharp, soul sex with my beloved, goddess baths, loving people exactly as they are, reveling in every sacred and mundane second of my days, sage and sweetgrass burning, channeling my Muse, running at warp speed towards our evolution, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, dancing whilst kitchen witching, rebirthing from the Phoenix Fire, worshipping and howling at the moon, my third eye to Grandmother Tree, hunting down bodies of water to sink into, (if that's not possible, i do my Oracle Dishes) thunderstorms and lightning, forehead to the ground, allowing the Medicine of our Mama Earth to guide me Home.
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