Calling All Wild-Hearted Writers

Wild Heart Writers is a platform for uplifting and amplifying the voices of writers who have taken the journey to their wild hearts through one of our workshops.

We accept submissions of poetry, prose, creative non-fiction/memoir. We seek forward thinking and thought-provoking posts that search the soul and risk revealing the heart. Words that come from the wild parts, vulnerable and raw and ready to soar.

Wild Heart Writers are not afraid to move beyond their comfort zones, to push into the difficult spaces, to tell the hard truths. To examine the shadows and burn in the light.

Are you a Wild Heart Writer?  If the answer is yes, please join us – your stories are revolutionary and necessary – and we want to share them with the world.


Rehearsal Dinner

Yes – I’ve taken one of the workshops and I want to submit my work.

We are seeking poetry, prose, creative non-fiction and writing that blows the roof off the expected, the safe and the status quo.

We want soul-searching, thought-provoking, forward-thinking words that go beneath the surface, surpass comfort zones and take us right to the wild heart of what really matters.

Words that risk bearing yourself, words that come from the wild parts. Words that will take us all the way home. Spill your guts, cross your arms and stand in your truth stories that are not interested in approval and demand to be told.

Submit Your Work Here
Main Ceremony

No, I’ve not taken the workshops and I want to learn more.

Our workshops are all a journey to the center of your wild heart. Including daily prompts, a private Facebook group, and entry into the Wild Heart Writers Community  – the courses begin at only $30

Yes. I want to become a wild heart writer
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Become a featured writer or regular columnist.

If you have completed any of our workshops and would like to become a featured writer or regular columnist – apply here. 

We will feature one Wild Heart Writer every month with an in-depth interview, photos and links to your work. Regular columnists are expected to submit at least one new piece each month.

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