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The Wild Heart Team is a small but unruly gang of writers, editors and trouble makers dedicated to promoting and amplifying the voices of our beloved Wild Heart Writers.

Jeanette LeBlanc

Founder // Benevolent Dictator

Truth: I spent most of my life working very hard to be a good girl. One day I woke up and decided to write my way out of my own life – things haven’t been the same since.

I believe in the smooth honey burn of whiskey, the crashing of mama ocean, pencil skirts, vintage band tees and fringed boots, the kinship of the wild wolf, walking for miles in unfamiliar cities, the singular power of dark red lipstick and the necessity of putting out for the muse on the regular.

(Also – I’m clearly not afraid of run-on sentences)

I’m a queer single mama to two ridiculously intelligent and wholly unruly girls, an ocean girl who has fallen into a reluctant love affair with the desert. I’m a writer with a science degree. I write redemption and have a hard time forgiving myself. I exist in a perpetual cycle of white hot burn and brilliant rise. I live in the center of the wildest paradox.  And through it all I write.

Because it’s true – sometimes our stories are the only things that can save us.

The Wild Heart Wranglers

Yes -they named themselves

Dawn Elizabeth // Curator, Editor, Minion and Herder of Cats

My earliest influence was Gonzo. This explains a lot. So – I’ve always been kind of weird. But the kind of weird that worms its way into your heart. You should see my tree dance.I started writing at fourteen, as a way to deal with all the feelings I was feeling. I wrote prolifically and regular everyday up through my early twenties, and during that time I honed the skill of crafting evocative moments through word. As I’ve aged, I’ve started to work more consciously to documenting through poetry the good moments. But happiness creates writer’s block. Joy does not demand resolution.I break into song whenever. Hearing one word can set off a whole song inside my head. And when songs get stuck, I think the best cure is to listen to them on repeat until they’ve worked their way out. My husband loves this. I love creation. From growing plants (which, by the way, I am supremely terrible at. I kilt a spider plant once.) to knitting to baking to doing watercolors. I love the joy of starting with nothing and ending with a thing. Like my Camilla, I am not above embarrassing myself and often find my own humor hilarious even when others don’t!

Shannon Crossman // Techno-Goddess, Writer and Minion

Collecting words is a habit I’ve had since childhood. I hoard them like some people stockpile canned goods to be opened in the event of apocalypse. Am a total geek girl with nose often buried in books. 100 of them last year – yeah, I counted. Am a mama and grandma to a gaggle of delightful wild girls. Can read Dr. Seuss at tongue-twisting, cackle-inducing speed. Still believe in magic. Crave the ocean like a land-locked mermaid. Loath shoes. Often imagine a shoeless life where my feet are always planted in the earth. Learned the hard way that untapped creative energy casts one helluva shadow, so I craft my sanity with my hands daily. Am one of those hybrid humans, equally at home in the right and left spheres of my brain. Write poetry one minute, figure out insane computer tech the next. I like the tension of extremes. My husband and cat find me odd yet amusing, so they keep me around. Ferdinand the Bull is my character. Sweet. Stubborn. Refuses to be a real bull. Would rather stuff his nose in a bunch of flowers all day. “I get it Ferdinand, I do,” whispers the woman who’s always trying to crawl inside the pages.

Rebecca Rusinko // Wizard of Details, Herder, Editor, Writer and Minion

I believe in living wholeheartedly, and feel it’s worth being vulnerable if it means I get to feel joy and connection. I’m a recovering perfectionist, and have found delicious freedom in letting go. I love coffee and wine and wide open spaces. I’ve been married to my lover for 9 years, and am mama to two pups, I love them like crazy and am certain they make me a better person. I have a serious case of wanderlust, but am learning to be content closer to home, where I can most often be found on my deck, curled up with my journal, or enjoying some outdoor yoga. I believe in God and love and wild grace, and treasure my people immensely.

Jacquelyn Taylor // Writer and Minion

In my former life, I wrote marketing plans and business proposals. Now I prefer prose. I am a stay-at-home gypsy, a photographer who hates having her picture taken. A contradiction in terms, I suppose. I spend the vast majority of my life breathless; air expelled from lungs in the admiration of beauty that surrounds me, in awe of the two halves of my heart who have changed me profoundly since their births, and in that tight- paper-bag-anxiety of wanting and aching. Words are trapped where breath is supposed to be. My time these days, is spent teasing them out; looking for the narrative scribbled in the margins, between the sheets, written in the stars, and finding my version of truth somewhere within the intricacies and intrigues of life.

Star McGill-Goudey // Writer, Social Media and Minion

Country town, farming, homeschooling, wild mamma. Always roaming free and learning deep. Often making incredible mistakes and rising from the fires I create. Determined to make each day honest and exuberant, whether it be in pain or peace. Often found dancing under the trees in the moonlight, or standing in the ocean. The love of my family steadies my feet and my heart. A survivor of many things, always on the path of deeper healing and deeper self knowledge.

Courtney Quinlan // editor, writer, minion, behind the scenes magician

I am the Camilla to Dawn’s Gonzo. Just a quirky chicken in love with the strange and bizarre. I’ve always had a wild imagination and love being extra (if not overly) descriptive with my words. I love the art of writing, how you can fit words together like a puzzle and rearrange and explore new ways of expression. I’m a poetry and prose girl at heart, although I like to dip my toes into other areas and have a short list of books I intend to get to work on at some point rattling around in this brain. I’m a fiery single mama to a quirky boy with autism who has the most interesting perspectives on life. I’m a fierce advocate for the underdogs in whatever shape or form they may be. I love getting lost in the woods, communing with nature. I’m fairly unfiltered and if you ask me a question, you’ll get a heartfelt and honest answer. I don’t believe in hiding behind my truths. I’m not an extremely graceful person and can often be found tripping over my own feet or wandering aimlessly around the house searching for my keys. I am not above embarrassing myself and often find my own humor hilarious even when others don’t!

Kimberly Hunter // Den Mother, Editor, Social Media, Writer and Minion

I am a modern day Oracle, Seer, & Shaman. I spend my days guiding my 7 children with my Beloved, invoking my inner wild woman, and saving the world;one Heart at a time.I am currently reconvening with my soul tribe; the Wild Heart Writers group. Baring my heart with words, & rising in Love with them. I am also holding the delicate gossamer strands of my first memoir in my fingertips as I midwife this unfurling and diving into the abyss.I live my Truth in every moment; I am Remembering as I go. This occurs while exploring the fractals and chambers of my wild heart. Breaking to become. Shattering willingly. Embracing my darkness and remembering the light.I believe in the power of long hair flying, my shakti hip sway, black clothes all day every day, a pair of ridiculously large earrings, and juicy lip gloss.My passions are (in no particular order, simultaneously when possible) deep red wine at 5pm sharp, soul sex with my beloved, goddess baths, loving people exactly as they are, reveling in every sacred and mundane second of my days, sage and sweetgrass burning, channeling my Muse, running at warp speed towards our evolution, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, dancing whilst kitchen witching, rebirthing from the Phoenix Fire, worshipping and howling at the moon, my third eye to Grandmother Tree, hunting down bodies of water to sink into, (if that’s not possible, i do my Oracle Dishes) thunderstorms and lightning, forehead to the ground, allowing the Medicine of our Mama Earth to guide me Home.

Claudine Sanders // Writer, Scheduler, Social Media and Minion

Voted the Class Clown of the Class of 1988 at her small Midwestern high school, Claudine ran for the big city in the Fall of 1991 and never looked back.She’d always used humor to make everyone but herself smile and only got real with a blank page and words no one would ever read. She followed drugs deep into her darkness until the Winter of 1997 when she decided to get clean. Writing step work and journaling helped her rediscover the light she’d lost all sight of. She’s now happily married with a bonus daughter and a new home full of rescue animals. She rides motorcycles and sews and knits, but never at the same time. She’s taking risks and letting others read what her filled pages have to offer. And laughing. A LOT.

Dolly Mahtani // Flow Co-Ordinator, Writer, Editor, and Minion

I love the color purple, the rain, the snow, trees without leaves, japanimation, collecting bills from every country I visit, wearing jackets. I am a self-proclaimed dreamer. A lover. A giver. An optimist, a rebel, a romantic. A breaker of paradigms and stereotypes. Amante of all things chocolate. I am a warrior and my weapon of choice is my pen (technically it’s my keyboard but that doesn’t sound as badass). I bleed my heart out on the battlefield. Whatever my truth is, I put it out there bare in the hopes it will encourage you to fight with me! I used to be asleep for a long time but now I am wide AWAKE. To the Universe, to the connection between you & me. Sometimes I think that I think too much. I’m in love with love. I am part of the {R}evolution happening right now in the crevice of your heart.

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