There is One Thing: Truth in Paradox

By Thomas Lloyd Qualls
There is truth in paradox.

Both this thing and that one are true. Even though they contradict one another. Even though they appear mutually exclusive. Even though you’ve never seen them in the same room together.

But not everything in the universe is so polar. There are common denominators. Things like kindness. And forgiveness.

 We are passionate people. And passion serves us well.

It inspires our lives. It informs our worldviews. It fuels our art. It binds us to each other. It heightens our pleasure. It raises our vibrations. It lifts us up. And it also blinds us.

To things like risk or fear — which allow us to transcend our prejudices and barriers. But also to the paths of others. To their truths. To their struggles. To their fragility. And sometimes, to the source of joy.

One simple truth that we forget over and over is that joy comes from letting go. From giving away. From showing kindness, generosity, forgiveness.

We get too caught up sometimes in taking sides. In defending our positions. In patrolling the perimeters of our egos, our brokenness, our worldviews.

When we should spend more time listening. Understanding. Seeing the whole.

Searching out the paradoxes. Making a game of it. Treating life as a joyful adventure. Questioning our thoughts, our motives.

Seeking out beauty.

Beauty is also a paradox. Both dark and light. Destructive and creative. Strong and fragile.

Like your life.

Embrace the paradox. Forgive yourself and others for your blindness. Give away your fear, your resistance, your absolute knowing.

Give in to joy. To beauty. To uncertainty. 

To adventure.

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Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Novelist. Storyteller. Wordsmith.
Thomas Lloyd Qualls is a writer, a condition that is apparently incurable. He manages his condition, in part, by regular contributions to Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine, Wild Heart Writers, and Rebelle Society. He's also a novelist, the co-creator of the Power of Voice project, and through his law practice - a sometimes salvager of troubled lives.You can find out more about Thomas, his books, poetry, paintings, and other projects on his website. Feel free to stop by whenever you like. Or better yet, just invite him out for coffee or beer. He loves a good conversation.
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