The Truths we Hold and Spin and Release

By Robin Langston Saylor
Too many
To name
it spins me about
dizzying whirlwind
light and dark
and bending
the truth
of my undoing
of my breaking
of my stitching
the flesh
of my being
back together
of my arms
too full
too empty
of love
and lust
and a heart
or too many
of unwanted
of rape
of abuse
of heartbreak
of childless
and motherless
of lightning
my body
every cell
of my being
forever changing
how I see
the world
of Buddhist temples
of spiritual undoing
and awakening
of voices
and visions
unable to speak
no words
to explain
what I’ve seen
too many
to name
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Robin Langston Saylor

Robin Langston Saylor

My name is Robin Langston (aka Robin Saylor), and I am a #WildHeartWriter. I have written poetry and short stories since I was in high-school. I won a few awards, and had a few poems published in anthologies, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I published my first book, and four more since then. I hope to publish more – some of poetry and others of short stories, perhaps one day a novel. However, my close family is my first priority, and I moved home to help care for my elderly parents. I am a financial services specialist by day. My passion is writing, art, music. I don’t really blog, and my social efforts on social media are centered around family, writing, and art.But, who am I really? I am evolution. I am revolution. I am a world citizen. I am the embodiment of love. I am the wild beat of my heart. I am the catching of my breath. I am the whisper I hear in the midst of my busy life. I am the screaming voices in my head demanding that I create. I am the gentle sigh of relief when I am my true authentic self. I am an abuse survivor, rider of lightning, three times divorced, broken and healed. I am always becoming.
Robin Langston Saylor

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