Woman As A Universe, At My Fingertips (Bisexual Poetry)

bisexual poetry
by Star McGill-Goudey


She arches her back.

Her thighs,

her mouth,

her heart,

her mind,

open wide.

In this moment,

in the orgasm

that tears the veil

between pleasure and pain,

life and death,

happiness and agony.

Her body trembles with the power of it,

and I drink her in.

Stealing the drops of holy water

from the well of creation itself,

salty and sweet and slick on my tongue.

She is a mystery for a moment revealed,

for a moment the universe is merged with me.


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Star McGill-Goudey

Star McGill-Goudey

Country town, farming, homeschooling, wild mamma. Always roaming free and learning deep. Often making incredible mistakes and rising from the fires I create. Determined to make each day honest and exuberant, whether it be in pain or peace. Often found dancing under the trees in the moonlight, or standing in the ocean. The love of my family steadies my feet and my heart. A survivor of many things, always on the path of deeper healing and deeper self knowledge.
Star McGill-Goudey

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